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Are you suffering from Addiction?

Addiction is an unhealthy relationship with various substances, that can unexpectedly lead you down a dark path. If you have little or no control over the amount you consume, you may be suffering from a progressive illness. To regain control, we often need help. Don't hesitate to find the support you need.

At Andy's House, we can help those struggling with addiction get on the road to a complete detox. We are here to help those in Montreal find treatment and rehabilitation for addiction.

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Are you, or a loved one, suffering from addiction? Find treatment and rehabilitation for addiction.

Seeing a loving relationship deteriorate can be a serious sign of an addiction issue. People who struggle with this are often in denial about their situation and are unwilling to seek treatment. A loved one may not see they have an addiction and must rely on the care of others to get them back on track.

Dealing with an addiction should not be something an addict must do alone. At Andy's House, we are able to help those struggling with addiction get on the road to a complete detox here in Montreal.

Do you think a loved one is suffering? Click below to find out how you can help.

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Is a co-worker suffering from addiction?

Having an employee or colleague with an alcohol or drug problem in your ranks is a common and costly problem. Signs of an addiction could be seen in an increase in casual absence, failing productivity, missed deadlines, change in attitude, or an increase in accidents in the workplace. As a manager, you may be at a loss on how to detect and handle the situation.

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