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Are you suffering from Addiction?

If you find that you have little or no control over the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume, you are likely suffering from a progressive illness called addiction. For over twenty years the staff at Andy's House has been helping clients overcome their drug and alcohol dependencies through effective, individualized treatment programs aimed at lasting recovery.Our goal is to treat the illness and help clients succeed in achieving a full recovery so they may thrive in sobriety. You don't have to do this alone.
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Is a loved one suffering from addiction?

If a loved one cannot control his or her drug and alcohol intake, or predict their behaviour when they use, they likely have an addiction problem. Most often, the addict will not recognize or acknowledge the negative effects their behaviour has on themselves or others which makes it challenging to offer help, but waiting for the addict to ask for help may not be the best strategy.

As people struggling with addiction are often in denial about the severity of their illness they subsequently are unwilling to accept treatment. An intervention is one of the most effective ways to help someone realize the seriousness of their addiction and presents them with an opportunity to make changes before the illness progresses. Motivating your loved one to seek help is a good first step. Let us guide you through it.
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Is a co-worker suffering from addiction?

If you suspect a co worker is suffering from a drug or alcohol dependence you may want to speak with them to let them know they have your support.

Let them know that addiction is not a moral weakness but a disease, a treatable disease but it negatively impacts everyone, including co workers, employees and the business itself.
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