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50-year-old male alcoholic

This is David's story

My name is David and I am an alcoholic. The date of my last drink was October 6, 2011.  I’m writing this to tell you a little bit about life before my alcoholism, where my alcoholism took me and how Andy’s House changed my life.    My parents and my four brothers and one sister are not …

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22-year-old male addict / alcoholic

This is Sean's story

Although my stage experiences are extremely important to my growth as a social worker, my personal life challenges are equally important to my professional development. I understand that personal life experiences often shape individuals beliefs, morals and approaches on life. I believe that my personal experiences with addiction that I have faced and overcome on …

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Mother of an addict / alcoholic son

This is C's story

It’s been a year since our son’s life completely imploded. If the staff at Andy’s House hadn’t worked with us to get him into treatment he would either have been arrested or died. Andy’s House arranged for an intervention but unlike television, it did not immediately succeed. He refused treatment. Notwithstanding this, Andy’s House , …

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Partner of an addict


I met my partner at a friend’s wedding and although we had mutual friends we had never crossed paths before. He asked me for my number and feeling that there was something profoundly good about him, I willingly passed it along. He took some time to call but did and we set a date to …

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30-year-old addict

This is Rick's story

Drugs and Alcohol have been a problem in my life since I was young. When I used. all my insecurities and fears disappeared. I felt invincible.It wasn’t long before everything began to fall apart.I dropped out of school, lost all interest in the hobbies I was once very passionate about, I was kicked out of …

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25-year-old male addict / alcoholic

This is Danny's story

My experience with the staff at Andy’s House was very helpful and healing. I learned a lot about my character during my three month stay.  The counselors taught me how to cope with getting sober and remaining sober. There were some amazing group activities like art therapy, yoga and going to the gym.  I had daily discussions with my …

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27-year-old female addict / alcoholic

This is Jessica's story

This place is truly amazing. This was my second time in treatment and the services and care of Andy’s House was incomparable to the first time around. Their humanistic approach made me feel like family rather than a statistic. The unique approach used at the facility helped me address more than my substance issues. It helped me understand my …

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Mother of an addict / alcoholic daughter


Andy’s House saved my young daughter’s life.  From Intervention to Aftercare, her recovery program changed her life and ours when we thought there was no hope. She is passionate about her sobriety, successful at work, has made new friends and gained life skills which will help in all facets of her life. For the first time in a long, …

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