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Privacy concerns – Will my privacy be protected?

In accordance with provincial law and out of concern for our client’s welfare, we will not disclose your presence in treatment without your written consent. Andy’s House complies with all Provincial Confidentiality Standards. Our facility is discreet and has no outside signage.

How long is the program?

Our program is a minimum 90 days followed by a progress review. It will be determined by the clinical team whether an additional 30 days is required.

How much does the program cost?

Please contact us for more information. Although we have a fee schedule, we try to work with each individual. Ask your insurance provider if you are covered. We also offer financing:
Canada (Medicard) | USA (Freedom Loans)

What is included in the cost?

Housing, meals and all programs are included in the fees.

Can I make phone calls?

After completing your initial week you will have nightly phone calls.

Can I receive mail and visitors?

Yes, residents can receive mail. There are weekly family visits every Sunday at the house.

Are there family sessions?

Yes. We offer a weekly family support group for your family and loved ones. Families are welcome and encouraged to attend the groups for as long as they like.

What happens when I finish?

Following your treatment, Andy’s House offers a two-year aftercare program which involves weekly meetings and ongoing support.

Andy’s is always open to alumni should they feel like dropping by, attending a group session, talking to a newcomer or to get some advice. Our door is always open for you.

We do our best to assist the client in reintegrating back into society as a sober individual.

What do I bring with me?

You should bring casual, comfortable clothes (appropriate seasonal clothing for daily living as well as for physical activities),slippers,pajama’s and a bathrobe as well as your personal toiletries (no alcohol in them please!)

What if I have a court case while I am at Andy’s House?

If your case is in Montreal, we will assign a chaperon to accompany you. If legal assistance is needed, we have legal counsel that can assist (not included in price of treatment).