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Andy’s House Rehab Centre


Once someone you care about, who is abusing alcohol or drugs, agrees to enter treatment, it is time to choose a rehabilitation centre. Things to ask about a rehab centre There are five things to look for in a rehab centre: Ask how long the program lasts. Ninety days is usually the standard for alcoholics …

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What is an Intervention?


If someone you care about is abusing alcohol or drugs, it is important to remember that they and they alone have to want to stop drinking or using drugs before any further steps can be taken. That being said, being honest and telling the person what you think about their drinking or drug use is …

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The Effects of Alcoholism on Society


The effects of alcoholism on society are nothing short of staggering. Here’s a sobering fact: In Canada, the cost of alcoholism is estimated to be more than $14 billion annually in the form of lost wages, lost productivity, medical treatment and police intervention. A recent study determined that Canadians drink more than 50 percent above …

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What Rehabilitation Montreal Entails – The Recovery Process


The journey to regaining sobriety and a healthy life is neither quick nor easy. It takes commitment, hard work and dedication. Even then, the gains are rewarding and life-transforming. The first step towards rehabilitation is identifying that you have a problem and you need help. The rehabilitation process entails a number of steps that lead …

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How to Help an Alcoholic | Alcohol Rehab


Alcoholism is a severe, complex and sometimes fatal condition that must be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Even then, the problem with alcoholism is that not only do alcoholics deny that they have a problem, but they also seek to validate their dependence. Thus, it is difficult to treat this condition. Alcoholics can be helped …

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3 Steps to Overcome Addiction (Substance Abuse)


Addictions are born out of the need to feel good. That is, chemical substances act on the central nervous system, usually the brain, resulting in a change of perception, behavior, mood or other psychological attributes. Substances that elicit this kind of reaction from the brain are known as psychoactive drugs. These drugs are classified into …

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The Shocking Increase in Elderly Drug Addicts


The latest research and statistics regarding drug abuse have surprised most, primarily with good news. The number of youths who abuse drugs in America has substantially decreased in the recent years. However, this report comes with quite a downside. Baby boomers – those above 50, are now accounting for more than a third of drug …

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Fighting Drug Addiction Stigma: What Everyone Should Know


Stigma in Canada remains to be a huge setback in the fight against drug addiction. Most people belittle drug addicts primarily as a result of lack of knowledge – criticizing addicts for engaging in unethical behaviour. This is a great misconception since drug addiction is a disease that nearly anyone can acquire under the right …

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Effective Ways to Protect Your Teenager from Drug Addiction

teenage drugs

The adverse effects caused by drug abuse throughout society can be mitigated, by practicing effective preventive measures. This has been proven by the significant drop in youth addicts, as a result of the many active drug addiction empowerment programs that have recently become available in schools across the US. One of the most effective tools …

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Denial: The Greatest Enemy of Drug Addiction


The most important weapon that a drug addict can use to fight his or her addiction is acknowledgement. This is why addicts are encouraged to admit their problem from the early stages of rehab in Quebec. Types of denial There are two types of denial in addiction. The first one is when the person knows …

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